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Post Office Encounter

Rick Brown

I walked into the Post Office this morning to find a man lecturing the poor postal worker about his grandkids. "I'm not a racist mind you. I just want my grandkids to look like ME. Red hair, white with freckles. And if she marries that MEXICAN ain't no kids gonna look like ME! Lotta people ... if they heard me say that would say I'm racist! But I ain't ... just want the babies to look like grandpa."

The woman was quiet until he left ... after I cleared my throat loudly behind him.

"What a racist" I quipped … refraining from calling him a Nazi.

The woman smiled and said, "I was married to a white man ... good man … for 13 years and he died. Now I see a wonderful man who is dark."

"It's called love" I replied.

She immediately said, "I tell my children ... I don't care about the color or what's between their legs ... just LOVE who you LOVE!"

She made my day.

The Non Fiction Theater of the Truly Mundane
proudly presents:


Rick Brown

Scene: The living room of a typical older Midwest home. Rick is seated on the couch stage right watching baseball on the TV situated center stage. His 81-year-old father-in-law sits across the room on a loveseat.  Between them and in front of the television is a coffee table. Rick’s 16-year-old Bichon Frise, Henri, saunters into the room through open French Doors behind the loveseat. Henri is mostly deaf, and sees very little due to cataracts from his diabetic condition. The dog first gently bumps into the loveseat … then the coffee table … turns slightly and bumps into the TV stand. Henri gathers himself for a moment then gently runs into the couch Rick is sitting on. The dog realizes he is close to Rick’s feet. Henri then instinctively spins slowly in a circle and with a distinct sense of purpose lays at his master’s feet. Rick’s father-in-law watches the pooch with a confused curiosity.

81-Year-Old Father-in-Law – Henri sure bumps into a lot of things.

Rick (with slight sarcasm) – It’s because … he can’tcarry … a CANE!


81-Year-Old Father-in-Law – his 81-year-old self

Rick – his baseball watching somewhat sarcastic self

Henri – his 16-year-old amazingly adaptable loyal doggie self

A Parliament of Owls

Jiggery piggery piggery poo.
Jiggery pokery piggery woo.
Applesauce, so sweat and tart
That went all jiggery too.

A parliament of owls flew in,
A meeting of feathery friends.
Hooting with their eyes wide shut,
They caucused till the night was out,
This parliament of owls.

Rhyme and reason are out of season
And those who think otherwise
Are guilty of treason.
Jiggery piggery piggery woo.

A band of coyotes rocked away.
A band of coyotes on parade.
They eat up ma then chewed on pa
And asked lil'  Timmy to give 'em more.

Jiggery piggery piggery poo.
Jiggery wiggly piggery do.
A car of clowns have come to town
In a slap fest for the crown.
Jiggery piggery wiggly woo.

Dennis Toth


Which One’s Pink?

Shadowbox Live
The Worly Building
Columbus, Ohio

Rick Brown

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Rick Brown

Hmmm # 99

All pizza tastes
great hot.
Later ...
cold hard truth
holds your
mouth hostage.


Hmmm # 100

Was guilt created
by god(s)?
or invented
by people
a deity?



July 8, 1998 - July 10, 2015


Morris Jackson

What Do We Know

C. Mehrl Bennett





Shadowbox Live
The Worly Building
Columbus, Ohio

Rick Brown

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Sue Olcott

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Vine Street Facing East


Amy McCrory


The Infinity Machine


Gabriel Guyer


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