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New System!

Rick Brown

Scene: A typical dentist’s waiting room with non descript cushioned chairs forming an L shape in front. To the rear of the stage is a sliding glass window. A television subtly blares a show the solitary middle-aged woman in the room ignores.  Rick enters the waiting room stage right and walks to the receptionist’s window. Sitting at a desk is Judy, a seasoned veteran of the office.

Rick – Hey Judy, haven’t seen you in a while.

Judy – Hi Rick. Are you here for your 2 o’clock with Marla?

Rick – Yes.

Judy – Just have a seat and we’ll be with you shortly.

Rick walks across the small waiting room and sits next to the middle aged woman when suddenly Judy slides the receptionist’s glass divider open and sticks her head out about 6 inches.

Judy – Hey Rick! I forgot to ask you … do you have a cell phone number?

Rick – Yes I do … but I’m not giving it to you.

Judy – Huh?

Rick – I already received 2 emails and 3 robo-calls about this appointment. I don’t need it on my cell too.

Just then a second office worker pokes her head out of the window.

Second Office Worker – It’s our NEW system! If you had responded to the first inquiry there would not have been the others.

Middle Aged Woman Sitting Next to Rick – Not true! I responded to the first message and got at least TWO MORE!!

Rick – YEAH! What’s your NEW SYSTEM called? NAG THE PATIENTS?!!!!!!!



Judy – her dependable loyal receptionist self
Rick – his frustrated not giving you my cell phone number self
Middle Aged Woman Sitting Next To Rick – her middle aged, aggravated by the new system self
New Office Worker – her party line loyal, seemingly high tech nagging self


Silver Moon

In the shadows
of a silver moon
in a desert land
of caves and cliffs
and saw shaped peaks
sharpened by the
crust hard winds
of a vast salt flat,
bleached pale
like bones,
swept clean and
shrouded in
in a silver haze
above lost silver mines,
beneath a silver moon.

Dennis Toth




Back to the Garden Grocery

Rick Brown


As I was looking for an open check out line this afternoon at Lucky's Market I noticed #1 ... usually the busiest ... had no line. A young woman had her head in her hands, leaning on the belt ... so I sauntered her way. She saw me, perked up and greeted me with a pretty smile and "Did you find everything you were looking for today?" (I'm sure this is required language for the gig).

I jokingly replied "Yes ... and I came to your register because you seemed lonely."

"Oh ... I'm ALWAYS lonely" she deadpanned.

I responded with "It's been a long, long time since I've had such an existential experience at the market."

To which she again deadpanned, "You won't get any small talk at THIS register!"

Then … I noticed her name-tag read


Editor: This story is 100 % in the realm of the physical.



Morris Jackson

Bloom'in Bird

C. Mehrl Bennett



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Rick Brown

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Issue 1 - January 2002