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Front Street Funk

Shadowbox Live
The Worly Building
Columbus, Ohio

Rick Brown

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Oh Fortune

Oh fortune, ever changing
like the moon's ceaseless cycles
mindlessly repeating an
eternal loop to life.
For God plays dice
and shamelessly cheats
with a loaded pair
and He generously bets
on every number of
the roulette wheel,
repeating every time.
Like the moon's endless cycles,
so is fortune ever rising
and in decline.

Dennis Toth


The Non Fiction Theater of the Truly Mundane
proudly presents:

Good Thing He's CUTE!

Rick Brown

Scene: The back room of Rick and Yvonne’s house. Stage left is a fireplace. A nice cozy fire is burning. Stage right is a small computer work area. In the center of the room is an overstuffed loveseat facing the fireplace with its’ back to the workstation. Directly behind is a dining room. There is an oak table and chairs centrally located between a china cabinet stage right, and matching wooden file cabinet stage left. At the very back of both rooms is a wall with closed French doors. Yvonne, wearing winter pajamas, sits in the loveseat holding a doggie chew. Seven-month-old Freddie Gesundheit, a Maltese puppy, sits in her lap intensely chomping on his treat.

The left French door swings open and Rick shuffles into the dining room. Holding a mug of coffee, he looks sleepy, has severe bed hair and also wears winter PJs.

Rick (mumbling somewhat) – Good morning … Nice fire. Thanks for bringing me some coffee.

Yvonne – No problem. Freddie really wanted you to join us.

Freddie stops chewing … see his “dad” in the dining room and frantically streaks over to him. The pup immediately chomps on Rick’s right house slipper and begins gnawing and growling.



Rick drags the puppy … who is latched firmly onto his slipper … over to the loveseat. He bends over and picks up the wriggling puppy. Freddie manically licks Rick’s face as he hands him to Yvonne.

Rick –(wagging his finger) No BITES FREDDIE!

Yvonne – Yes Freddie NO BITES!!

Rick – He drives me nuts … but I can’t stay mad at him. He’s just a puppy.

Yvonne – I know.

Rick sets his coffee on the end table and takes his place next to Yvonne with Freddie sitting between them. The little fluffy white puppy nestles between the two of them while they pet him lovingly.

Yvonne (leaning down towards the pup) – Be a good boy Freddie. Kisses … not bites.

Freddie “kisses” her cheek and rolls over, indicating he now wants Rick and Yvonne to rub his belly … which they begin to do.

Rick – He is such a beautiful little boy. I think he’s gonna be a good dog.

Yvonne – Yes he is very cute. Someday … sigh.

Rick – I’m going to get myself a fresh cup of coffee. You want one too?

Yvonne - Yes please … that would be great.

Rick grabs his coffee mug, stands and begins walking towards the kitchen door stage right. He gets about halfway there when Freddie LEAPS off the loveseat, barrels over to his “dad” and again chomps down hard, this time on his left slipper. The pooch begins to growl playfully.


Rick lifts his foot and Freddie dangles from it about 6 inches off the floor.

Rick – LOOK at this DOG YVONNE!!

Yvonne – FREDDIE!! NO BITES!!!


Yvonne – her mostly patient, PJ-ed, “NO BITES”, dog mommy self
Rick – his mostly impatient, disheveled, PJ-ed, “DAMMIT DOG”, dog daddy self
Freddie – his adorable, fluffy, playful, foot chomping, teething “good thing he’s cute”, “scratch my belly”  puppy self



Morris Jackson

My Third Eye

C. Mehrl Bennett



Rick's Books, Naked Sunfish Caviar
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Rick's book, Best Bites is available at:



Shadowbox Live
The Worly Building,
Columbus, Ohio

Rick Brown

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Sue Olcott

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Taken By Light

aNna rybaT

Blog: http://www.annarybat.blogspot.com

High Priestess


Gabriel Guyer


The Best of Burlesque

Shadowbox Live
The Worly Building,
Columbus, Ohio

Rick Brown

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The Non Fiction Theater of the Truly Mundane
proudly presents:

Love on Ice

Rick Brown

Scene: The Coliseum at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. It is early autumn 1971. A 19-year-old college sophomore Rick is sitting next to Gretchen, his 23 year old grad student girlfriend. The Ice Capades are being performed on an ice rink in the center of the arena. They sit in the second row, center ice. Gretchen is obviously enjoying herself., smiling and looking around at the festivities. Rick sits stone-faced staring at the skaters. Princes and princesses, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Ronald McDonald and all sorts of comic book like characters whirl around the rink at a rapid pace. Swirling colorful spotlights dramatically follow each skating cartoon character.

Gretchen (in a celebratory tone) Boy this is exciting! I just love the Ice Capades!!

Rick shows no response, keeping his face Sphinx like and emotionless.

Gretchen – AND the tickets were even discounted at Kroger!!

She continues watching the spectacle, bouncing excitedly in her seat.

Gretchen - Oh LOOK! There’s the HAMBURGLER!! And Mayor McCheese! How funny!!

Rick turns his head slightly in Gretchen’s direction and rolls his eyes with great exaggeration.

Gretchen is too absorbed to notice. Then suddenly she turns toward Rick.

Gretchen- This is SO GREAT! Are you enjoying your first Ice Capades?

Rick remains stone faced and stares straight ahead showing now emotion.
What feels like 5 minutes elapse … although the time is much shorter.
Rick (staring coldly, straight ahead, his voice monotone, somewhat loudly and dripping with sarcasm) – If I was FOUR I’d be having a BLAST over here!



The Ice Capades – their 1971 selves
Rick – his not so mature, 19 year old college sophomore, rock and roller, sarcastic … self
Gretchen – her exuberant, oh so wishing Rick liked this sort of thing, it’s becoming painfully obvious her 23 year old grad student … is not Rick’s type … self


copyright notice
Issue 1 - January 2002