The first line of the thing is crucial--
The reader becomes engaged
Or not, decides to read on
Or to cast the work aside
And move onto something
More to their liking


I think we're alone, now


Harvesting the last
of the crop, never to see
such bounty again


Groomsmen in black reaper cloaks
Seat guests on melting benches 
Hovering high above the ground

Bridesmaids in stained butcher smocks
Hold bouquets of broken glass
Standing aloof from each other

A hoofed musician plays a
Discordant melody on
An automobile chassis

As the Surrealist Priest
Presides over the wedding
Of the Absurd to the Grotesque

A chasm opens
up, separating results
from your intentions

Between Basic and
Divine, the dividing line
isn't always fine