Winning Streak

Rick Brown


In September, 2017, the Cleveland Indians set a new American League record for longest winning streak at 22. Yet for all intents and purposes it’s a Major League Baseball record since the 26-game streak by the 1916 New York Giants includes a 12th game tie. The night the record fell was baseball magic. And the very next evening … when the streak ended … fans in Cleveland rose to their feet for an ovation so moving, manager Terry Francona lead the team out onto the field for a curtain call.
Yet for me, the magic began decades ago when I’d listen to games … in bed … under the covers … clutching my red and silver Philco transistor radio silently cheering on the Tribe … quietly … so I wouldn’t be caught up too late for a school night. I remember in 5th grade … Spring, 1963 … when our teacher ... Mrs. Grigsby ... came back from a week’s vacation. This was highly unusual back then … a teacher … or anybody else for that matter … taking vacation during the school year ... 5 straight days of substitutes ... nonetheless ... she returned. And we were all happy to see her again.
On her first day back she, of course, said it was good to be in school again ... uh huh ... then asked the class "Did anything interesting happen here while I was gone?"
I raised my hand. She politely pointed and called on me.
"Yes Ricky?"
To which I shyly replied, "While you were gone ... the Indians won FOUR in a ROW!"

Mrs. Grigsby smiled wide … and said, "How wonderful Ricky."

How wonderful indeed.