Many poems don't
get past solipsism 
and self-reference 

Less intelligent
is a birth accident, more 
stupid is a choice

A team so bad that
rooting against them is both
mean and redundant

The Jedi Return
to Chinatown: "Luke, I'm your
father...and brother."

"Listen, Humans," says 
Mother Earth, "I have had just
about all I can take."

The mob is made up
of bad seeds, fed and watered
til they reached full bloom

If this weather 
feels good to you, don't 
bother repenting

History, culture
mythology, art; so much
human detritus



The Surrealistic Theatre of the Truly Grotesque

proudly presents


Scene:  The dining room of a trattoria at lunch time.  Seated at the center table is a middle aged Woman of means, wearing a matronly dress capped by a pillbox hat, mink stole and set of pearls.  An exceptionally tall Waiter, in full tails, is servicing a nearby table, his back to the audience.  The Woman has a cup of coffee in front of her, puts in two packages of sugar, then reaches over to the pitcher of cream and pours it into the cup.

Woman: (gasping) Waiter!  This cream is not fresh!  It is clotting on top of the coffee!

Waiter:  (turning around to face the audience, revealing a resemblance to Lurch/the Frankenstein monster) Not fresh?  Why I cremated it myself this very morning.