Broiled Salmon with Mashed Garlic Yams and Haricot Verts
in a Orange-Gran Marnier Glaze

By Chef Rick

Wine Picks
Rodger Gentile ~ Gentile's Wine Sellers

For under $15:
EXP Viognier: The honeysuckle & flashy nature of a good viognier will do swimmingly with these ingredients

Under $25:
While not currently the vogue, a delightful Estate Bottled German Kabinett Riesling would do well, especially from the Rhine where the whites are bigger. The off-dry character of the wine, and substantial acidity will meld all the flavors of this dish

Under $40: Why bother...those two above are crackers with the dish...

The Recipe

This may seem elaborate on the surface…but it's all in the timing. So relax.
Do the glaze and mashed yams first. Then go to the beans and fish.


The Glaze
3/4 cup Gran Marnier
3/4 cup orange juice (with or without pulp - your choice)
1/2 to 1 stick of butter

Mashed Yams:
1 lb yams (or sweet potato…I like the color of yams better)
1 cup orange juice
3 or 4 medium garlic cloves - minced fine

Haricot Verts:
1 lb Haricot Verts (French green beans…these are a bit pricey but worth it. Hey -
use green beans if you like)

Salmon - 4 or 6 "restaurant style" fillets (thick)

Clean and cube yams. (I leave the skins on for…authenticity) Boil until tender. Then…in a food processor…you may have to do more than 1 batch…whip potatoes with 1 cup orange juice and minced garlic. Or mash by hand if you're a purist. Transfer to a sauce pan and keep warm on low heat. The mashed yams can be made ahead of time…and it's a good idea.

Set oven for broil

Heat 3/4 cup Gran Marnier until boiling…then add 3/4 cup orange juice and reduce to about 25% on a slow boil (this takes a while)

Steam Haricot Verts until tender. (About 10 minutes)

Brush fish with olive oil and broil for 10-12 minute (or until done…or how you like it) Half way through moisten with orange-Gran Marnier sauce that's simmering on stovetop. Brush fish before adding butter to sauce.

While fish is broiling and Haricot Verts are steaming, … lower heat, and add to orange reduction …in small amounts to melt…3/4 sick of cold butter. Stir until it's a nice sauce…about 3 or 4 minutes.

Plate the fish to one side and put a healthy portion of mashed yams next to the salmon.

Artistically cover both with Haricot Verts.

Drizzle glaze over the plate…make it pretty.