Cilantro Pork by Jim Eaton

3 lb pork roast or larger – pork loin or pork shoulder work well.
1 white onion, rough chopped
1 red bell pepper, rough chopped
1 cup chicken broth
Salt to taste
Cilantro sauce – recipe below

Add all ingredients into a slow cooker and set to high.  Wait.

Let the slow cooker do its thing for several hours (a full work day) or until the roast is tender and falling apart. 
Pull the pork and mix into the sauce left in the slow cooker.

Serve over potatoes, make tacos, stuff peppers, wrap in lettuce leaves or just eat it out of the slow cooker like we did last week…


Cilantro Sauce

2 bunches cilantro
1 cup raw almonds
5 cloves garlic rough chop
Chicken broth 1 - 2 cups depending on how thick you want the sauce

Add the cilantro, almonds and garlic to the food processor. Process and add ½ cup of both. 
While the machine is running, poor in any additional broth to get the sauce to a thick but smooth consistency.