Double Rye Bread by Alan Woods


3 cups King Arthur Organic Pumpernickel Flour
3 cups King Arthur First Clear Flour
1 cup Daily Grind Cornmeal
2 TBS Organic gluten
1 Mashed medium potato (ok to include skin if chopped)
1 tsp Caramel color
1 cup Ground flaxseed
½ cup Hemp seed
1 TBS Caraway seed
½ cup Chopped dried onion
1 cup Chopped burgandy olives
2 tsp Solar salt
1 cup Soy milk
1 cup Potato water (the water in which the potato was boiled prior to mashing)
1 TBS Barley malt
1 TBS Organic canola oil
1 cup sourdough starter

Preheat oven to 425F, put bread in, reduce immediately to 350F, then after 20 minutes, rotate pans 180 degrees and continue baking until internal temperature reaches 195 degrees, usually another 35-40 minutes. Putting a pan of boiling water in the oven to create steam is helpful if doing artisan bread, although it doesn't do much if the loaves are in pans.