Rick’s Quasi-Vegan Delightfully Delicious Dagwood Sandwich

I call it quasi –vegan because the bread more than likely is not vegan…and I couldn’t care less myself. But that could be rectified easily for purists. I use Arnold Select Sandwich Thins brand (either whole wheat or 8 grain). The buns are very thin and make the sandwich more manageable to eat while cutting down a tiny bit on the bread involved.

Bread, sandwich buns or hard rolls
A few baby bella mushrooms
Four to five slices of zucchini
About a tablespoon of Veganaise (or genuine mayonnaise if you prefer)
Fresh spinach
Soy based veggie slices, both mozzarella and cheddar flavors. (I think the vegetable mock cheese is far superior to most rice based “cheeses” but this is a personal preference. Substitutions may work also work.)
Tofurky (I like hickory smoked but any type is good…really!)

1. Spread a layer of Vegenaise on the inside of both the top and bottom of the buns or bread slices.
2. De-stem the spinach and place two layers the top half of the bun.
3. Slice the mushrooms and arrange them to fill the inside portion of the bottom bun or bread slice.
4. Place a slice of each type of veggie cheeses one on top of the mushrooms (bottom half) and the spinach (top half) of the bun or bread.
5. Slice the zucchini (thickness is up to you) and place 4 or 5 slices on top of the veggie cheese on the bottom half of the bun or bread.
6. Place a couple lettuce leaves over the cheese on the top half of the bun or bread.
7. Place 4 or 5 slices of Tofurky over the lettuce and flip the top half of the sandwich onto the bottom half. Carefully smoosh the sandwich down from the top layer.

Your Dagwood is now ready to eat! Or wrap it in plastic wrap, or a sandwich bag. They keep well overnight for a great lunchtime treat the next day!