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Conk & Bone

Raconteur Theatre
at Club Diversity
Columbus, Ohio

by Rick Brown

The Sarasota Blues and Music Festival

Ed Smith Stadium (sort of)
Sarasota, Florida
September 29, 2012

Rick Brown

The Non Fiction Theater of the Truly Mundane
proudly presents:

Eye of the Beholder

by Rick Brown


Scene: An opticians’ office. Stage right has glass displays of the newest eyeglass frames. Stage left is a customer service area with four service stations. Rick is seated at one of the stations.  An attractive, professionally dressed, smartly spectacled, white haired woman is helping fit him with new bifocals. Her nametag reads “Ellen”. Music plays softly in the background.


Ellen (Gently placing the glasses on Rick’s nose) – How is this now Richard?

Rick (Looking around the room.) – Well, I’m afraid it’s still a bit blurry.

Ellen – Oh my. Well, it usually takes a while to adjust to new bifocals.

Rick – I think it might be because I have only one good eye. You know, even as a kid I looked at things crooked … cocked my head. My teachers all thought I copped an attitude. So I did because I felt I had to. But that’s how I look at things even now. And the glasses don’t accommodate the crooked look thing. Does that make sense

Ellen – Yes, Yes it does Richard. But wait … let me try just one more thing okay?

Rick hands the eyewear back to Ellen and she leaves the room for a moment. Ellen soon returns, walking confidently back to her station. She sits and begins cleaning the lenses with a cloth.

Rick – Maybe it’s just because I’m getting old. I turned the big 6 - 0 last year!

Ellen – (Smiling) Well … I’m 10 years ahead of you.

Rick – No way!

Rick leans in closer to Ellen, across her station.

Rick (Congenially) – But you know … you’re still a babe!

Ellen giggles quietly … then smiles broadly.

Ellen (Cheerfully) – Now Richard … I need to remind you that I am holding your new glasses and you do not have your contact lens IN!


Ellen - her attractive, professionally dressed, smartly spectacled, white haired self
Rick – his one eyed, crooked looking, cocky eyed self


Rick Brown



It was a gift for our wedding … way back in June 1974. It’s just a simple, generic blanket really … a thick dark green flat soft cotton with fake satin trim. Yvonne and I … along with a myriad of other people we’ve shared it with … have had and continue to have … fun on the thing. There have been concerts, picnics, plays, and some “wild times” that I will leave to your imagination. This old, beat up green blanket has many a story in its history. This is just one ... but this one tells how a green, square piece of cloth got an affectionate nickname.



Rick Brown

Hmmm # 52

Here’s one
they deleted:
In the beginning
Yahweh sautéed up
a big mess
a onions.

# 53

Ninety- nine percent
of folks
 “Take the hint”.

# 54

The U.S. Constitution
is not
the Bible.
In fact
the Bible isn’t even
the Bible.


Flowers and Trees

Morris Jackson


Peru Vispo

C. Mehrl Bennett


Each Day

Dennis Toth

Each day
Like dew.
Each day
To darkness
Each day
Its dawn.

Scattered lives
Entwined like
Scattered thoughts
So slowly
Like tumbleweed
In a desert

Nothing last
It seems
And nothing
Adds with
Till all the
Tally in an
Endless row.

Once, in the
Facing mirrors of
A barbershop
I could see the
Future. An
Infinite loop
That stretched
Like a dream.


Rick's book, Best Bites is available at:



Shadowbox Live
The Brewery District
Columbus, Ohio

by Rick Brown


Holiday Hoopla XXI

Shadowbox Live
The Worly Building
Brewery District
Columbus, Ohio

Rick Brown


by Sue Olcott

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SB Moon

Full Moon

Shadowbox Live
The Worly Building
Brewery District
Columbus, Ohio

By Rick Brown

Cyndi O'Leary

Cyndi Needs a Firewall 
Cyndi needs a new look 
Cyndi is sick of this layout now 

Cyndi needs lots of room 
Cyndi is brilliant, but not organized. 

Cyndi needs to start with a great video 
Cyndi needs fabulous costumes 

Cyndi wants to ask you out 
Cyndi wants to take you down 
Cyndi wants truth and justice 

just not the American way 
(the world needs more people like her.) 

Cyndi needs stilettos and a sexy walk 
Cyndi doesn't worry about falling 
Cyndi needs icing and stack of cakes 
Cyndi longs for free therapy 
Cyndi craves unabbreviated love 

Dear Cyndi has Gender Issues 
(between you and me cyndi wants it all) 

Cyndi needs prayer 
Cyndi is making a deal with god 
Cyndi is selling her soul to the devil 
Cyndi needs to freaking love Cyndi 

Everyone needs to back off 

Cyndi has had enough 
Cyndi needs to develop her warrior side 
Cyndi wants to push you around 
cyndi wants to ruin your reputation 
Cyndi wants to give them something to talk about 
cyndi wants to push you down 
cyndi wants to upset the neighbors 
Cyndi wants to tie you up 
cyndi is looking for trouble 

Cyndi Needs A Fix 
Like You Wouldn’t Believe 

Cyndi is in your business 
cyndi is causing a scene 
Cyndi needs anarchy 
Cyndi is blowing up your cause 

Cyndi is having a hard time meeting needs 

Cyndi needs a fantasy 
Cyndi needs to check her hat at the door 
Cyndi needs hard words in a declining world 
Cyndi needs better lighting 
Cyndi needs wheels on a road 

Cyndi is keepin it real 

Cyndi isn’t a studio 
Cyndi doesn't need playback 

Cyndi needs a tiny miracle 
Cyndi needs to get started 
Cyndi needs to feel her heart again 
Cyndi needs to be face to face 
Cyndi needs to be touched 
Cyndi needs to be reached 
Cyndi needs to be scared 
Cyndi needs to be warmed 

Cyndi doesn't need to prove it 
Cyndi doesn't need to explain 

Cyndi needs a rushing river 
Cyndi needs a flood 
Cyndi is dying of thirst 
Cyndi carries a heavy load 
Cyndi needs to read this 

Cyndi needs you now 
Cyndi need you more than ever 

Cyndi needs to strip off 
everything that isn't Cyndi 

Cyndi needs a firewall 


Issue 1 - January 2002